What is Seltzer?


Seltzer is by definition a highly purified and highly carbonated style of sparkling water


What if my seltzer tastes flat?

A few things to consider about carbonation

Seltzer should never be served with ice- ice dilutes the carbonated seltzer with non-carbonated water, killing the fizz

Our seltzer bottles needs to be chilled before use-at least 24 hours in the fridge or an hour in an ice bucket. 

Leaving your seltzer out on the counter will warm it especially in summer months, just keep it in the fridge when you aren't using it!

What if my bottle doesn't dispense?

If your bottle isn't dispensing, we will swap it out for a new one at no cost. Because our bottle has over 10 different moving parts, there is unfortunately times when something can malfunction. We apologize for this rare occurrence!

What if my bottle is dispensing slowly? 

Give the bottle a good shake and try again, shaking the bottle will reincorporate the CO2 in the bottle with the water, making the bubbles bigger and stronger! 

When is my next delivery day?

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